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Are you, or do you have a first-generation Taiwanese American parent, grandparent, relative, or friend who would be interested in participating in our documentary? If so, please complete this form.

The goal of the LIFE LESSONS project is to share practical skills and valuable knowledge with the next generation of Taiwanese Americans. We hope it will foster a sense of pride in their Taiwanese roots, interest in the lives of those who first immigrated to America, and encouragement to pursue the limitless possibilities made available to them through the experiences and sacrifices of those who came before.

The format of the documentary combines the teaching of a practical lesson with personal connections to the subject as well as the instructor's own history and immigrant experience. We are not specifically looking for the most talented professionals, the best speakers, or most knowledgeable teachers of any subject. In fact, some of the most useful or interesting subjects may be quite simple.

We are looking for first generation immigrant grandparents or grandparent-age individuals who are passionate about or who enjoy the subject, who care about the next generation of Taiwanese Americans, and who are willing to be honest and transparent about their personal life experiences.

Previous on-camera experience is not necessary. We will work with everyone to make sure they feel comfortable in front of the camera and happy with what has been filmed.

We are grateful for the courage and willingness of all participants to support this project to benefit the Taiwanese American community and beyond. 


  • How to Cook a Taiwanese Dish

  • How to Make Boba Tea 

  • How to Grow Taiwanese Vegetables at Home

  • How to Paint (or Draw, Do Calligraphy, Etc.)

  • How to Sew or Mend Clothes

  • How to Play Ping Pong

  • How to Use Chopsticks, Eat Noodles, Etc.

  • How to Dance (Ballroom, Traditional Cultural, Etc.)

  • How to Be a Kid

  • How to Survive in the Wild

  • What is Tai Chi? 

  • Baseball and the Taiwanese American Community

  • Martial Arts: How to Defend Yourself and Protect Others

  • Taiwanese Etiquette: How to Host, Be a Good Guest, Give Gifts

  • Tiny Glasses: Etiquette, Games, and Taiwanese Drinking Culture

  • From the Night Market to the Car Dealership: How to Haggle

  • Taiwanese Languages 101

  • Taiwanese Folklore

  • Where is Taiwan? What is it Like?: An Intro to Your Ancestral Homeland

  • Our Ancestors, Taoism, Buddhism

  • History of Taiwanese in America

  • Aboriginal Taiwanese History and Culture

  • The Taiwanese American Church and Its Role in Community-Building

  • Dating: How to Talk to Someone You Like

  • Secrets to a Successful Marriage

  • How to Take Care of a Baby: Then and Now

  • How to Maintain a House

  • How to Build Community

  • Our Family Histories: Where Did We Come From? Why Are We Here?

  • Mistakes We Made and What We Learned

  • Lessons We Learned from Our Parents and Grandparents

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